Amateur French Macaroons


These French macaroons are far for perfect. Slightly more ovular than circular, minimal puffiness, and excessive flatness are a few of the issues that these cookies have. If there was ever a batch of macaroons with “character,” this would be it.
Still, I am so happy with the results.

Why? Why would a perfectionist like myself be satisfied with anything less than upscale French bakery quality?Because, for one, they taste amazing. The dense chocolate ganache is perfect with the slightly crusty, slightly pillowy, and very nutty outer layers. They are also addictive. It’s so easy to keep eating, especially if you tell yourself it’s ok because the cookies themselves actually have little fat in them.

The second and more serious reason is that unlike so many people, the only thing hurricane Sandy took from me was power for a week. I am lucky enough to now be returning to my life. I am able to do what I love and bake again.

So many have lost their lives, their loved ones, their houses, their cars, and especially their hope. For someone who only lost a few trees and electricity, it is easy to forget that anything so horrible happened. But I will not forget, and those that have lost everything to this storm are constantly in my thoughts. I hope everyone can find the strength to rebuild and not lose hope.




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